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Juliet Parker Pilates


'In 10 sessions you'll FEEL the difference, in 20 sessions you'll SEE the difference and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body.' - Joseph Pilates



Pilates is a unique body conditioning method developed by Joseph Pilates over a lifetime dedicated to improving physical and mental health.


Targeting the deep postural muscles, Pilates works by building strength from the inside out, (core strength), rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment. It helps to reshape your body which will become longer, leaner and more toned. It will also improve your posture, achieving the perfect balance between strength and flexibility and is a great way to relieve unwanted stress and tension. It is this holistic approach that sets Pilates apart from many other forms of exercise.

Pilates is a series of low repetition, low impact stretching and conditioning exercises providing a complete body workout. You will find muscles you never even knew you had!

It is suitable for everyone from professional athletes to first time exercisers and is especially recommended by medical specialists for those with back problems. 



Are are some of the many benefits to the Pilates method:


  • improved flexibility

  • increased muscle strength and tone

  • enhanced muscular control of your back and limbs

  • improved stabilisation of your spine

  • improved posture

  • rehabilitation or prevention of injuries related to muscle imbalances

  • improved physical coordination and balance

  • relaxation of your shoulders, neck and upper back

  • safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries

  • prevention of musculoskeletal injuries

  • increased lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing

  • improved concentration

  • increased body awareness

  • stress management and relaxation.

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Juliet Parker at home



I began my early adult life as a dancer and performer. In particular I enjoyed the expressive nature and fluidity of contemporary dance, but after an unfortunate fall I was  forced to battle with a neck injury. This set me back, both in work and in my own confidence. During this time I was extremely lucky to have the support of my mum, an incredibly accomplished Pilates instructor and my inspiration. She introduced me to the world of Pilates and encouraged me to re-focus my energy on carefully building strength from within. By incorporating the rehabilitative discipline into my daily routine I was soon able to move freely without pain. I was hooked, so I decided to share my own experience of Pilates and dedicate my time to teaching others.


I trained with Body Control Pilates in 2005. Body Control Pilates is Europe's leading and largest professional Pilates organisation. I continue my own practise and personal development by attending various technique classes and anatomy workshops. I think that it is paramount to keep up to date with the latest advancements in exercises and with new studies in anatomical research it helps keep the classes fresh and exciting. 


With over 17 years teaching experience in Brighton, Surrey and the south West I am lucky enough to have built a wonderful client base. I like to focus on my lessons being fun as well as challenging. Though there is learning, hard work and focus, there is also laughter and friendship. My body now feels stronger than ever and I have Pilates to thank for this. I wish you all success in your own personal journeys.

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