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Terms and Conditions

Enrolment forms

Each participant must have completed a consent form prior to starting, payment alone is not sufficient to participate and the payment would be forfeited if the paperwork is not complete prior to the first class.

Pre requisites

Postnatal Participants must have had a 6/8 week check and be approved to exercise by a health professional. If you are unsure if you are suitable to start classes, please contact us before trying to book.

All clients must be fit and well enough to exercise before booking.

If you are concerned your baby may be too mobile to join, please contact us before booking

Zoom classes

Class links cannot be shared with a third party.

You agree to inform your instructor prior to the start of the class of health issues that you may have (including but not limited to injuries, pain, discomfort, early pregnancy). Your instructor reserves the right to deny you access to the class if she believes that proceeding with the class would or could potentially have a negative impact on your health condition.

You agree that you shall not record (whether in video or audio) any of the online classes without first obtaining Juliet's consent. Should Juliet's consent be given, you agree to use the recorded material for your sole use and purposes and not to make them public (including through social media) or to share them with any third party.

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