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In our opinion, Juliet is the best Pilates instructor in the business. She has a gentle and approachable nature and Pilates runs in her blood, literally. Inspired by her mum, she qualified as a teacher and it's her passion, expertise and unique approach which keeps our clients asking for more.

Rachel Eagles and Tommy Macnally 
First Step Fitness

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Testimonials: Testimonials
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Neither of us had done Pilates before so we were not sure what to expect. Four weeks in and we both look forward to our hour of exercise.

At the end of today's session I feel more in tune with my own body, relaxed and exhausted all at the same time.

With Nick's back issues, Jules gives him alternative stretches as she knows it would be better suited to him. After each session he feels so much more mobile and has a better night's sleep.

Jules manages to keep you at ease and explains each movement perfectly. We look forward to seeing her smiling face each week and can't wait for our next session with her.

Holly and Nick

Testimonials: Testimonials

I first came to know Juliet as a friend of the family and as a fitness professional myself, it wasn't long before our paths began to cross professionally. As a personal trainer, Pilates is a discipline I encourage each and every client of mine to practise as the benefits are so well documented. With this in mind, I heard that Juliet's classes were great, especially for beginners so I tried them out recently for myself. BOY, had I been missing out! Her kind and encouraging nature, coupled with her incredible passion and talent make each and every class of hers interesting and entertaining. Before long I was hooked. She's everything I would look for in an instructor ( and trust me, I know good instructors!). Just do what I did, give one class a go...and the rest will fall into place!

Tommy Macnally

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Testimonials: Testimonials


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